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Cambridge Libraries

Address: Old Music School, Downing Place, Cambridge, CB2 3EL
Telephone: Reception: (3)35058
Online Catalogue: iDiscover
Location map: University Map
Staff: Resources and Learner Support Coordinator: Heather Buss (
Resources and Learner Support Coordinator: Catherine Cossio (
Admits: All University students and staff are welcome in our learning centre, free of charge. Fee-paying membership is offered to members of the public interested in independent language learning and a welcoming place to study.
Stock: We run a learning centre with resources for language learning and teaching, which are either produced for learning or have been produced for native speakers. This enables learners to use instructional materials combined with "authentic" resources. Included in our learning centre: online resources, multimedia courses for as wide a range of languages as possible, sound recordings, materials for English for Academic Purposes, a World Cinema collection, television in 12 languages, exam practice materials...
Special collections: We have resources for learning 180 languages, with the aim of widening learner access to as many lesser-known languages as possible. We also include resources for language learning for specific purposes.
Services: A drop-in study centre for learners of any language. One-to-one language learning advice: all University members are welcome to book an appointment online following the Advice information on our homepage, or to come in any time for a brief introduction. We advise on finding a native speaker, conversation schemes, learner-driven groups and all of the Language Centre's taught courses. Our focus on language learning strategies aims to enable the individual learner to taylor a plan to her/his personal needs, and to encourage a lifelong view of the language learning process. We lend film and documentary material to University Teaching Staff.
Opening hours: See the Language Centre homepage

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