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Cambridge Libraries


Cambridge University Libraries provides access to online newspapers published in Britain and abroad, in English and in European, Indo-European, and Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. 

Access newspapers via the links below.  Coverage notes are included, or an indication of when access is to the current issues of the newspaper or to a digital archive going back to much earlier issues.

All newspapers are available off campus via Raven authentication to full members (current staff and students) of the University, as well as on campus. 

Get help with access via the online help form or by writing to


British Newspapers

Newspapers and news sites published in the United Kingdom, including current access to The Economist, Times Higher Education, Financial Times, Irish Times, and the London Review of Books

     Times Higher Education

The University of Cambridge provides access to all current staff and students to the THE online.

     Financial Times

Access to the FT online is available and you can personalize your access by creating an account linked to your Cambridge email address.

Full list of British newspapers here


Overseas and Foreign Language Newspapers

Newspapers and news sites published overseas in English and other languages, including archives of early American newspapers, and a range of databases of Soviet newspapers. 


Access to a wide range of European newspapers, including the French national and regional press (e.g. Le Monde, Le Figaro), news magazines, the international press (New York Times, Guardian, and many more), professional publications, news agencies, and TV and radio transcriptions.  Access restricted to 2 concurrent users - please remember to log out from your session.

Full list of overseas and foreign language newspapers here


Print and microfilm newspapers

Under Legal Deposit Cambridge University Library has been entitled to claim British publications since the early eighteenth century, but historically it was very selective with newspapers. So there are complete, or almost complete, print runs of just a few major national titles such as The Times.  Other important titles are covered by holdings comprising a microfilm run followed by a print run (for example the Daily Mail).  Foreign titles are not covered by Legal Deposit and were often only acquired on microfilm (for example the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.)

All of these print and microfilm runs are findable on iDiscover

Newspapers stored in the Library Storage Facility should be ordered online as indicated on iDiscover. 

Newspapers published after 1900 held in the Library need to be ordered to and read in the West Room. 

Newspapers published before 1900 need to be ordered to and read in the Rare Books Reading Room.

Newspapers on microfilm (regardless of date of publication) need to be ordered to and read in the West Room.

Photography is possible for print titles; and print-out from microfilms can be ordered via the Digital Content Unit

The University Library still receives much of the British national press in print, and a very small selection of the local press.  It no longer buys microfilms, nor any foreign newspapers in print.  Before ordering a newspaper in print or on microfilm, you should check that the title is not also among our online resources, all of which are also listed in iDiscover or on these pages, since consulting a newspaper and searching it online is usually far easier than using the print or microfilm copy.