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Lean Library is a browser extension that delivers an article to you regardless of where you are linking from. 

You search for what you need in any number of different places online (Google, Google Scholar, Bing, Baidu, PubMed,, JSTOR, iDiscover...).  You meet paywalls and frown looking for a place to login, get frustrated with the steps you have to take to open the article and actually read it.

No more!  Say goodbye to looking for login buttons on publisher websites or scrolling for your institution's name in dropdown menus.  Installing the Lean Library extension is super-easy: simply click on the button below.  

Lean Library is really cool - Lean will automatically detect when you are on a website and you have access thanks to the subscriptions of Cambridge University Libraries. 

And even neater, making your work easier and faster, Lean will automatically deliver you an Open Access version of an article - if one is available - whenever Cambridge University Libraries do not provide subscription access.

Download Lean Library

When installed on your browser, the Lean Library plugin works by analysing the website URLs you visit.  If you have any concerns about this, please see the Lean Library Privacy Policy.  

We have designed an amazing poster - please print it off and display it in your library.

What you will see happening when you download Lean Library and how it works