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What you will see happening when you download Lean Library

Clicking on the "Download Lean Library" button will open a page that recognizes which browser you are using.  You will see a Library Access page.  "Library Access" is the specific name of the extension.  A button "Download for Google Chrome" or "Download for Mozilla Firefox" will display depending which browser you are using.  Simply click the download button and a pop-up will prompt you to add the extension.  Depending on your browser you may see a further prompt that asks your permission to add the extension.  Click "Add" to accept the permission request (you can remove or delete the extension at any time by visiting the plug-ins area of your browser).  Lean Library works with the Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browsers.  You will see the Lean Library icon greyed out in your browser.

Once installed, continue to use your browser as normal.  When you next visit a site where you have access thanks to Cambridge University Libraries' subscriptions, as you click on an article to download Lean Library will automatically kick-in by passing the URL to the Cambridge University's proxy server for off campus users.  The first time this happens you will be prompted to authenticate via Raven as normal, but it is only once in a browser session and you won't have to go hunting for any publisher logins.  The Lean Library icon in your browser will flash green (a sign as on traffic-lights that you're good to go).  

If we don't have subscription access, Lean Library will offer you an Open Access version as an alternative if one is available.  We are currently working on a final alternative of offering an Inter-Library Loan request form if an OA version is not available - Watch this space!

You can disable Lean at any time, either permanently or temporarily, by navigating to the extensions or plugins tab in your browser (e.g. in Google Chrome go to Tools and then Extensions) and clicking "Remove" or toggle the on/off switch (e.g. in Google Chrome this is on the bottom right corner of any extension box).