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LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that links you to full text articles when available from Cambridge University Libraries.   

You can install LibKey Nomad from this link

LibKey Nomad works on your Internet browser wherever you are studying or researching.  It saves you time:  You only need to authenticate once via Raven in any new browser session.  You won't need to login to Raven again, or onto different publishers' websites.

The extension directs you to the website where you would have subscription access to an article.  Sometimes you might land on a different site where you don't have access from the libraries, but LibKey Nomad will redirect you to the site where you should have access.

LibKey Nomad also offers open access alternatives, if full text access isn't available, and an open access version is.

On Scopus, Web of Science, PubMed and Wikipedia, you will also see in-line (i.e. just below the article citation) LibKey Nomad "Download PDF" links that will connect you seamlessly to the Cambridge University Libraries' subscription access to the article.

Please watch our short video for a quick introduction to LibKey Nomad (or read the transcript here).

If you need any help or support with LibKey Nomad, please email the helpdesk